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I've talked about opening acts who've surprised and amazed. Now, it's time to talk about bands I was aware of, who exceeded expectations. Mind you, these aren't going to be my favorite bands, hence low expectations.

Stone Temple Pilots- Actually, I do love Stone Temple Pilots, though I don't know that I would say favorite in reference to them. That being said, I thought they would put on a good show. However I was wrong--they put on a great show!

Scott Weiland is an awesome front man. Of course, he was probably high as a kite much like Elton John was when he was more of a showman. The fact of the matter is we never know who is or isn't high when they go out on stage.

Creed- Now I really liked Creed, but still, their concert over exceeded my expectations by miles. The energy in the crowd was intense. Everyone went crazy and though they were fairly new when I saw them, the crowd was like that of a band who'd been around decades. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you seriously need to go to a concert with decade old fans--It's amazing!

Bon Jovi-I saw them at some summer thing with tons of other bands. Wasn't excited for them, though I do like them. So, I was pleasantly surprised by how awesome they ended up being.

I actually think they were an example of how true fans can make a show because they were clearly loved by many.

DC Talk - I've been a big fan of DC Talk since I was 14, but I was reluctant to go to their show because I'm not a hardcore Bible thumper. Frankly, I was right to be afraid because when I got there, everyone was chanting "We love Jesus. Yes, we do..." and felt a little out of my element. That aside, the show was amazingly good.

Aaron Carter- Yeah, I said it. Don't judge me. I took my niece to see him and Jesse Mccartney and Aaron blew Jesse out of the freaking water. That boy put on a show. He was dancing and flippin and really entertaining. Jesse, however, made everyone wait a long time for him like he was a diva or something and he sucked!

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