Vampires: True Blood vs. Twilight  

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Finally, True Blood's 2nd season has started! I thought the premiere was good. I don't want to spoil anything though because I hate that sh*t.

When I watched last season I had yet to read the Twilight saga, but I was told it was similar. Now, I can truly compare.

First we have True Blood's "Bill" (left) compared to Twilight's "Edward" (right). These are our lead hunks, if you will. Now Edward's got it on this one I'm afraid, both the character and the actor. He's better looking, but it isn't just that. His character just makes more sense as the romantic, who'd possibly wait hundreds of years for a girl, type of guy. Bill is more rugged and I think he'd be too mature to put up with his leading lady, Sookie's games.

And man, Sookie plays games like no other. Every episode she throws herself at him only to be pissed at him by the end. No way some hundred year old man would put up with that.

Then we have True Blood's "Sam" (left) compared to Twilight's "Jacob" (right). In some ways these guys are even worse romantics because they're the guys waiting in the wings. They also happen to have some pretty similar qualities about them, though they are not vampires.

While the character Jacob is most my type, the actor who plays Sam (Sam Trammell) wins this one for me.

Speaking of Taylor Lautner aka Jacob, I'll never understand why they didn't have Steven Strait play the part. He just fits more what I pictured when I read the books. He is built, looks good with short or long hair. What was the problem?

Absolutely nothing against Taylor Lautner except that he does look so young that it feels wrong to like him. Yes, I realize the characters are in their teens but let's be real, the reach of these books has went way beyond. I know people in their 50's who's read them.

Aside from the characters, I like that True Blood isn't just a huge tease, but they could almost stand to pull back a little with some of the sex scenes. Twilight, however, could stand to have more. Of course, that's not going to happen, but a little balance would be good. Basically, one shows a slut and the other's a tease. I don't know which is better. I know that True Blood could stand to have Sam get a little more screen time. That's all I'm saying on that.

Oh yeah, and there's some girl characters in the two as well, but they're nothing to rave about in my opinion.

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