My Least Favorite X-mas Movie  

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I'll say it, I don't like A Christmas Story. I think I have a specific sense of humor and this is the opposite of anything I think is funny. I don't know if it's because I'm female or what, I just don't get why everyone loves this movie so much.

Aside from the classic X-mas Movies, Jingle All the Way probably wraps up what I find humorous about Christmas. Specifically the scene where they play It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year as the shoppers go ape sh*t. Now that, to me, is funny in a very sad way.

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Madman: A Novel by Tracy Groot  

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I've been pretty desperate lately to find a good book. I've been in the mood for something different than what I usually read. So, I combed the library's aisles and came across Madman: A Novel by Tracy Groot. The description read:

If there is a way into madness, logic says there is a way out. Logic says. Tallis, a philosopher’s servant, is sent to a Greek academy in Palestine only to discover that it has silently, ominously, disappeared. No one will tell him what happened, but he learns what has become of four of its scholars. One was murdered. One committed suicide. One worships in the temple of Dionysus. And one … one is a madman.
Well, I thought that sounded interesting. I didn't really pay too much attention to the fact that Groot writes religious books and I'm actually hesitant to say it because for people who don't read religious novels, myself being one, it can be off-putting. This book, however, didn't read like a religious book, or what I think of when I think of religious novels.

Quite the contrary, I don't think that I would have even thought it was religious until very close to the end. I mean, yes, there is a lot of philosophical discussion about good and evil but you're so enthralled with the story, that it doesn't feel preachy whatsoever.

I just really liked the way Groot wrote. It was a story unlike anything I've read in the past. I was hooked right from the start and the rest did not disappoint. I'd highly recommend it.

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Twilight: New Moon Review  

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Yes, me and my 32 year old self went and stood in line to watch New Moon with a bunch of teen girls. Surprisingly though, there was quite the mix of older people, many of which were in their 40's and 50's, men included.

As far as my review, I thought it followed pretty closely to the book. The changes that were made were good ones. Of course, there were little things that could be picked apart like the fact that Jacob was not towering over anyone, which I thought they might've made an effort to do with camera angles and such.

Another little thing that just seemed odd was how out of shape the other wolves appeared in comparison. I mean they elude to the idea that Jacob gets as big as he does because of what he becomes, but the other wolves, not so much.

Other than that, there's not much to say. There are so many previews out that you feel like you've already seen it by the time that you do. I mean one thing that bothered me is that, when I read the book, the fact that he turned to a wolf was a surprise, but they show it in all the previews. That sucked!

I will say that I thought it was a big step up from the first movie, but it does stand as a fan movie more than just a good movie. I know someone compared it to the new Star Trek movie that was out, that was good whether you were a fan or not and that's true because I liked that movie and am not a fan of Star Trek at all. With the Twilight movies thus far, if I weren't a fan, I don't think I would have thought anything special about the movies. If you are a fan though, you're gonna see it no matter what.

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Couples Retreat, Law Abiding Citizen, & Gamer Reviews  

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My husband and I went and did something we haven't done for a couple years, since my son was born. We saw 2 movies in one day!

I knew I wanted to see Couples Retreat the first time I saw the trailer. Vince Vaughn & Jason Bateman, come on, that's comedy gold. It was a legitimately funny movie, with laugh out loud moments throughout the whole movie. Mind you, I'm not a laugh out loud person, so that's saying alot to have a consistent level of humor throughout.

I will say though, that I don't know if I would have thought it was so funny if I were not married because a lot of the humor comes from being relatable.

After I had set my sights on seeing Couples Retreat, I saw a trailer for Law Abiding Citizen and figured I had to see them both. With 300, Gamer, and now this under Gerard Butler's belt, he's fast becoming #1 B.A. actor of the moment. Thank goodness too because I didn't think much of him in The Phantom of the Opera. Action suits him much better.

As far as Jamie Foxx goes, after the whole Miley Cyrus comment, I don't care to see him in anything anymore. It's sad because I used to like him, but now I can't stand him.

That aside, this movie kicked butt. It really was good...good plot, good action. The ending could have been different for my taste, but I don't want to give anything away.

I can't not mention Gamer, now that I brought it up. Well, I saw Gamer with Gerard Butler and Michael C. Hall a.k.a. ”Dexter” and I really liked it. Butler plays Kable, a death row inmate who is put into a "game" where he is controlled by a player, Simon, in order to try and gain his freedom. Hall plays Castle, the games inventor and the true puppet master.

The movie is shot very much like a shooter style video game and can get a little rough on the senses after awhile, but that is the only real con of the movie. Overall, this movie was full of pros, the first being the cast. Butler and Hall gave me something to watch while my husband enjoyed the action.

Though there was a lot of action, there was a real storyline as well. I was actually excited to see where it would lead, which can be a rarity with action films. I thought it ended well and was happy that I spent the money to see it, which is getting to be a rarity as well. I lucked out with all of these.

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Girl Crushes and Guilty Pleasures  

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Okay, so I have a confession, a few actually. While I am a married woman and, obviously have many crushes on men, occasionally I do have a girl crush. Don't get too excited, it isn't a lesbian thing. It's more like "if I were a guy, this is the type of girl I would date" thing. One of my old crushes was on Mya, who is now on Dancing with the Stars. I think she's pretty, of course, but she also seems like a genuinely nice, lovable, fun person.

Speaking of fun, this is where the guilty pleasure comes in. I'm almost embarrassed to say it, but I have become a fan of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. I can't explain it, but I started watching because there was nothing else on and suddenly I'm hooked. The main reason, I think, is NeNe. NeNe is Fun with a capital F. I love her personality and it has developed into a girl crush for sure.

Finally, my biggest girl crush of all time is on Kate Moennig, or "Shane" from The "L" Word. This is tricky because Moennig is gay, but she looks so masculine to me that I don't even know how to categorize the crush. Frankly, I don't think I have to. It is just a crush after all.

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