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Over the years I have found a lot of great bands as opening acts. System of a Down being one of them. No one else I was with liked them, but I went right out and got their first CD, way before they blew up.

In more recent years, I discovered one of my favorite bands, People in Planes (left) opening for Toadies, who I love love love!

Then I saw Aranda (left) open for People in Planes. I definitely liked some of their songs when I saw them but they have grown on me even more since.

Same goes with Man Man (below). I saw them with Gogol Bordello (right)who I originally saw open for Cake along with Tegan & Sara. What these bands have to do with one another, I have no idea.

Anyway, Man Man is fun, like Gogol; not as good, but still high energy. The two bands together made since to me.

The point being it can benefit you to show up on time and pay attention to the opening act sometimes. Personally, I like to find out who's opening and do research first. I just think it makes the show alot better when you can recognize songs.

I know when I went to one of the 5 Gogol shows I've been too, I got there and was surprised to see Skindred opening for them. I don't think they were the original band that was supposed to be there but man, I love that band. They were awesome live. I was one of the few who knew who they were and I loved that. Once a band gets too big, it takes a way from it a little bit for me. But hey, maybe that's just me.

Feel free to share some of your fav opening acts.

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