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If you haven't heard Rock Band is coming out with a Pearl Jam and now a Beatles (Sept. 9, 09) version of their games. Of course, I cannot wait for Pearl Jam, but I have to say the Beatles instruments look pretty cool.

Check out more on the Beatles Rock Band here. The site includes a trailer.

As far as Pearl Jam goes, here's what G4 has to say about it:

Rock Band users were recently given the chance to download classic Pearl Jam album "Ten," but that's not the end of their collaboration with Harmonix and MTV Games. Harmonix developer HMXHenry (that's his message board handle -- working on his "real name" now) posted a request on the official Rock Band boards for music fans to help contribute to a "forthcoming Rock Band" project involving Pearl Jam.

"We need your help!" reads the request. "Ten Club, MTV Games
and Harmonix’s Rock Band, and Rhapsody are teaming up to let you, Pearl Jam’s biggest fans, help us choose the best versions of Pearl Jam live songs that will be presented for the first-ever fan voted set list for a forthcoming Rock Band project."

You get to help shape this still-mysterious new project, but so far, it sounds eerily similar to the retail-only product the companies produced with AC/DC. I have, however, reached out to MTV Games for comment about announcement.

"Your expertise will help us determine which of these versions is worthy of making the cut," continued HMXHenry.
Here's a list of the songs to choose from:

1/2 Full
Better Man
Brain of J
Do The Evolution
Elderly Woman Behind The Counter in A Small Town
Even Flow
Given To Fly
I Am Mine
I Got ID
Inside Job
Last Exit
Life Wasted
Light Years
Love Boat Captain
Man Of The Hour
Marker In The Sand
Present Tense
Red Mosquito
Satan's Bed
Severed Hand
Spin the Black Circle
State of Love and Trust
Why Go
World Wide Suicide

Now I would vote, but what's the point, they're all great. I'm gonna love it no matter what. Of course, I'm far from a gamer and even farther from a musician, but I'll do almost anything if Pearl Jam's in the title.

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