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I just posted this on my other blog, but I'm wondering if it's more fitting for this site, considering it's about lists.

I found this new site I love. It's called 43 Things and it's just a list of things you'd like to do. The site helps you mark progress and gives you a little taste of others with the same goals. I like this idea a lot, especially after reading The Amazing Race's host Phil Keoghan's book, "No Opportunity Wasted". In it, he talks about making such a list and I've been keeping a rough sketch ever since.

My first goal:

I’m wanting to get tattoos to represent the elements. So far I have a dragon breathing fire. I have a memorial tat in mind to represent earth. I’m not sure about water and air just yet though I do have ideas. I think I’ve found who I want to do the rest, but she has a long waiting list. So I guess the next step would be to get on the list.

My second, though in no real order:
Zorbing. I have wanted to do this since seeing it on The Amazing Race. I love
the idea of going to New Zealand too, of course; but I’d do this anywhere.
Of course, these are just fresh on my mind, but I have much grander ones to come. This is not to be confused with my wishlist post. "My wishlist" aren't things that could happen whereas I hope these are. Check it out. Hopefully I'll see you on there.

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