A Nod to Robert Downey Jr.  

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I recently watched Tropic Thunder, which I desperately wanted to see in the theaters; but with the baby at an all time hyper, it wasn't in the cards. Anyway, I loved this movie, 98% due to Downey's performance. I have always been a huge Robert Downey Jr. fan even through the whole drug thing he went through.

I knew others who gave up on him, but I never did. I am so glad that he's (crossing my fingers) off drugs now and finally beginning to get the credit he deserves for being tremendously entertaining.

Not only is he a great actor, but I love his singing voice as well. I loved that he sang on Ally McBeal. That's also where I discovered Josh Groban so a nod to that show too. So here's to you Robert. You deserve it.

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