# 2 Worst Comedian: Tom Green  

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Talking about Adam Sandler, brings me to Tom Green via Drew Barrymore of course. Wow, I have to say she has got such bad taste in men that there aren't even words for her. So, not only does Tom Green go on my lists for being one of the stupidest, most pathetic excuses for someone who passes as a comedian; but Drew Barrymore goes on my lists for having the worst track record when it comes to choosing a partner. Mind you, she isn't the worst woman, she is the worst person, man or woman.

I think it's especially bad because she is so beautiful and quirky, she could have anyone. Why does she pick these absolute losers. Now, I don't know if she was ever actually involved with Adam Sandler but you know she would be. I don't know, maybe she's still doing drugs after all because you'd have to be on some strong drugs to marry Tom Green.

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