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Feel Good Sports/Coach Movies, like The Express: The Ernie Davis Story-- I don't know about anyone else, but I cannot be the only one who is sick to death of these movies. You know the ones, there's some team who's down and who no one believes in. Then some coach comes along and everyone tells him to give up on them, but he isn't going to is he? No, against all odds, he's going to make them winners. If not winners in the game, winners in their hearts. Ahhhhhhhh.....snore.

It's been done already. Yes, they have all been done but these movies in particular are so similar to one another that it really is just about changing the cast. I mean we all know what's going to happen. Why do people enjoy these movies? It baffles me.

Another stream of worthless crap is the romantic comedy, like What Happens in Vegas. We don't like each other then we do and in the midst of it we're going to have a few laughs. I can't do it. I'm sorry but I think you have to be lonely, extremely bored or a completely different person than I am to enjoy these.

I mean I can name at least four of these exact movies herself: The Holiday, In Her Shoes, The Sweetest Thing and A Life Less Ordinary. Ashton Kutcher's no better, doing movies like: A Lot Like Love, Guess Who and Just Married.

Then you have people like Drew Barrymore who doesn't do much else. I think she thinks if she does enough of these movies she might learn something about love in her own life. Lord knows her choice of men leaves something to be desired.

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