Eddie Murphy: Hits and Misses  

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I like Eddie Murphy, but what is he doing? He had some recognition for his many roles in Nutty Professor, then he did a 2nd. Ok, fine. Then, he got cocky and did Norbit, which bombed and rightly so.

One would think he would have learned his lesson and decided to stay with movies involving an actual cast, other than himself. But no, now he's done Meet Dave, where he plays a man inside his own brain. Come on!

I'm starting to think that either no one else wants to work with him, or he just thinks he's too good to work with anyone else. Either way, I don't want to see one more movie where he plays multiple parts. It's to the point of being ridiculous.

Shrek, I liked Shrek. Dreamgirls did well. Even Dr. Dolittle wasn't bad. Hell, go back to your old, dirty comedy ways, but please stop the insanity. It's enough already. You're actually a decent actor and can do better than this.

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