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Martin Scorsese. I don't know Scorsese's personal history but he, somehow, has been able to keep his finger on the pulse of life's seedy underbelly. Well known for his gritty take on life on the streets in such films as Mean Streets, Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, and Goodfellas, he is the best at what he does.

My favorite of his films, by far, is his re-make of J. Lee Thompson's Cape Fear, starring my favorite and Scorsese's as well, Robert DeNiro. DeNiro stars in many of Scorsese's films because Scorsese obviously knows talent. Another one of my favorites and a great example of Scorsese's ability to spot a great actor, is Gangs of New York with Daniel Day-Lewis.

Of course, I loved Casino and The Aviator. The Departed was good too, but one I liked even more, that not many people did, was Bringing Out the Dead with Nicolas Cage. It is an offbeat film that's an acquired taste for sure, but I thought it was great.

Now, if crime and violence isn't your thing, than you probably don't care for Scorsese's movies. Still, you have to give him props for the ridiculously long list of bankable films he's made over the span of his long career.

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Di Nero started out in NYC. One of his first films was for Brian Depalma while Depalma was a student at NYU Film School. One of the profs there was Scorsese.
Scorses's first actor that he worked with was Harvey Kietel. Scorses then went to Hollywood where he did "Boxcar Bertha" for Roger Corman. He learned enough there to fly back to NYC and film "Mean Streets" where he starred Kietel and cast DiNero as the young troublemaker, Johnny.
That started their collaboration.
My fave moment between the two is when DiNero won the Oscar for "Raging Bull". Scorsese shoved a note into DiNero's hand. It was his acceptance speech. DiNero read it word for word at the podium.

June 20, 2008 at 11:54 AM

Wow, impressive. Thanks for the info. For a minute I had to wonder if you were Scorsese.

June 20, 2008 at 7:10 PM

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