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Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister is my favorite. I liked this book alot better than Gregory Maguire's "Mirror Mirror". Once you get used to the way that he writes, it flows really nicely. I thought the imagery was nice. In some places it reads alot like poetry to me and I like that as well.

As with all of Maguire's books, it was done from a new perspective and it actually made me dislike Cinderella, which I didn't expect. Finally, there was resolution at the end and I didn't walk away disappointed. What more can you ask for?

Other Reviews:

Mirror Mirror. This was the first Gregory Maguire book that I read. I almost didn't get past the first chapter of this book because it read too much like Shakespeare to me. However, I pushed on and I was glad that I did because it didn't take long to catch on.

True, the story took some bizarre turns, but I actually fell in love with the way that Maguire writes. I liked the different perspectives that he told the story from. I thought it was an interesting take on the story of Snow White. The only thing that I would warn against is that it isn't child-friendly and I didn't feel any real resolution in the end.

Son Of A Witch. On the good side, this book had interesting spins on the characters; and once I got past the first few chapters, I was riveted to the point that I could not put it down.

On the negative side, I didn’t care for a lot of the military storyline and I didn’t feel real resolution at the end at all. The more I read Gregory Maguire’s books, the more I realize how disappointing his endings tend to be. It’s unfortunate because he is a good writer. Even if you don’t like the ending though, something has to be said for the journey.

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