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300 & Sin City. I decided to put these two together because I love them both for the same reason and they are both based on Frank Miller's graphic novels. Now, I'm not a graphic novel reader but maybe I should be because I loved both of these movies. They were both visually stunning.

Gerard Butler was amazing in 300. I say that coming from hating The Phantom of the Opera, which I know a lot of people loved but it was like a slow torture for me. In this movie though, Gerard Butler gained a fan. My husband kept wondering why I wanted to watch this over and over, but he figured it out. Gerard Butler's body looked like it was carved out of marble for goodness sake.

Then we have the cast from Sin City. Bruce Willis, Mickey Rourke, Benicio Del Toro, love to see them doing stuff. Elijah Wood as a bad guy, which is a stretch but he did a good job. Nick Stahl who I like a lot from Carnivale, etc.. Jessica Alba as the pull for the guys but who even cares about her because Rosario Dawson stole the show as a smoking hot vixen. I say that as a woman who would so want to look like her in that movie.

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