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Larry the Cable Guy. When Jeff Foxworthy started out, I liked him and could even relate to some of his jokes. For instance, my dad was a tv repairman so I loved the joke about having your working tv on top of a broken tv. I even like Ron 'Tater Salad' White, but I cannot stand Larry the Cable Guy.

At least with the others from the Blue Collar Tour, I feel like they're one of us. "Us" being the people from my region (Midwest/South). So, when they make jokes about the stupid things "we" do, they're included. Larry the Cable Guy, however, is so over the top ridiculous, that it comes off as if he stupefies his act so we idiots can relate. It's degrading and it only helps keep the stereotypes going that we're idiots. You can read more of my rant about that here.

So I plead with anyone from these areas not to go around spewing "git-r-done". It makes us look like the idiots he thinks we are.

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