#2 best actor: Robert De Niro  

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Robert De Niro. Okay I might take some heat for this because I know everyone compares Pacino with De Niro. To me, there’s no comparison. Even though I don’t like De Niro’s attempts at comedy and prefer him as a bad guy, even his “bad guys” differ. His characters in Taxi Driver and The Untouchables are nothing like the bad guys he plays in Casino and This Boy’s Life.

He can play a romantic lead, a father figure, a confidant. He can be evil, mean, funny, sad, and sympathetic. A person who can go from Awakenings to Cape Fear is an actor and that’s all there is to it. Pacino wishes he was on the same level as De Niro.

As far as their recent collaboration, Righteous Kill, I hate to say it, I haven't seen it. I am just not in the mood for Pacino right now. I wish De Niro wouldn't have done it, but I think the problem is that there just aren't a lot of good roles for a great actor right now. I have been consistently disappointed by the movies produced in the past few years. Where's the Silence of the Lambs or the Cape Fear of this time? I'm talking about psychological thrillers with real bad guys. No Country for Old Men does not apply, before anyone even says it. yes, there's a bad guy, but I think that is the opposite of a psychological thriller. Read my full review of it here.

Point being, if there's a good role out there, De Niro can knock it out the park.

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ugh! no way, he's good but too one-dimensional, even when he played Frankenstein, I was like okay, all's I see is Robert Deniro in green makeup.

April 3, 2008 at 2:31 AM

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