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John Hughes passed yesterday and it leads me to question what was my favorite of all his works. While I liked Weird Science; Planes, Trains & Automobiles; She's Having a Baby; Mr. Mom, title of "the best" comes down to three movies:

Ferris Bueller's Day Off -A classic. Everyone who sees it loves it. My nephew is 20 and he watches it all the time. I think it was good, like so many of Hughes' movies, because it mimicked a high school fantasy. He'd take school experiences that we could relate to but make everything work out in the end-genius!

Now, there's a movie out about high school life every week, but he was the pioneer.

Mind you, not everyone was as adventuresome as Ferris; but most of us have skipped school and had escapades where we were scared we'd get caught in the end.

Pretty in Pink- Duckie, Blane & Steff, come on, those characters are so memorable and relatable too. The lovesick guy who follows the girl around who only wants to be friends. Of course, it all works out in the end though. Only in the movies.

The Breakfast Club - A phenomenal cast. I think it made people actually want to go to detention. People in detention usually don't end up bonding and paired up with a girl in the end, but that's the fantasy of it.

For me, and this was extremely hard because I like them each so much, I'm gonna go with The Breakfast Club. Truly, only by a smidgen.

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