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I'm not sure why this is my favorite, but I just love it and I find myself listening to it more than any other Deathcab song. I put my favorite part in bold. Again, I don't know why that's my favorite part, but it is.

This Temporary Life

The morning sun's about to break
I'm looking in as you create someone
You lift your head and brush your teeth and make your bed
As if you won't sleep again

You fix your hair and tie your shoes
And tuck your shirt and now you feel new
The glass is full, the glass is broke
And every day dissolves and there's no hope

Of ever leaving this temporary life
Of ever leaving this temporary life

Life, life, life, life

You may ask yourself: is there anyone so alone
That there's no beep before the dial tone
When you pick it up to see who called
If there is, its probably your Mom

Oh the rising sun brings little change
To this city with a stolen name
And you're wondering who's bright idea
It was to pack your things and leave your friends and move Down here

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