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HBO's new show Hung premiered last Sunday. Here's the premise: Thomas Jane (hunk from The Punisher) as a male gigolo. Looks like somebody's been reading my diary.

Seriously though, the premiere was just laying the groundwork for what I hope is going to be a good show. They didn't really delve into the good stuff just yet, but I'm waiting.

Thomas Jane seems like a good guy though he is married to Patricia Arquette still, I think. Apparently they've been up and down. Point being, she's odd. I mean I'm sure she's a good person and all that, but definitely eccentric and it makes me wonder about him a little.

Not that any of it matters, just a side note. Hung is on Sunday's @ 10pm, 9pm Central, right after True Blood!

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When I think of Tom Jane, the only thing that comes to mind is The Punisher. I liked that movie.

July 4, 2009 at 12:31 AM

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