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Football - So, I've mentioned that I'm a boxing fan, but don't confuse me for a sports fan. I live in KC and so baseball might as well be non-existent here. People do, however, go crazy over the Chiefs and I mean crazy. Everyone I know loves football, even my mom. It's insane to me. I have tried to give it a chance, but I don't have the patience for it. Games are so long and it seems like most of the time is spent getting into position for a play that lasts seconds before they have to stop and regroup. Forget about it, it's ridiculous.

Shoes, and Jewelry too for that matter. What is the fascination or should I say obsession for ladies and these materialistic things. We're supposed to be the more sensitive of the sexes and thus I think we should have our priorities more in tact. Don't get me wrong, I actually love winter hats and bags, but I would never spend hundreds of dollars on them just to be able to say I have a big name like Jimmy Choo shoes or whoever it may be.

Girl Rockers - I'm talking about all those girl "wanna be" rockers out there. The one exception being Hole and Evanescence. Yeah, I know Courtney Love can't sing, but it doesn't stop her from rocking and really rocking, not the lighthearted crap that the other bands put out. I'm sorry, I know I'll offend a lot of people, but Flyleaf and Paramore are on the top of that list for me. It's not that they can't sing, but I just don't like them is all.

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