# 1 most over-rated actress: Halle Berry  

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Halle Berry is a beautiful woman. No one can deny that, but a great actress she is not. The other day I watched a movie, Perfect Stranger with Halle, Bruce Willis and Giovanni Ribisi. I had never heard of it but thought I'd stumbled across a real find.

The story was about a woman (Halle) and her co-worker (Giovanni) trying to find evidence that a wealthy business man (Willis) had killed a friend. Not the most difficult of roles but she couldn't even pull that off. Her acting was so bad that I almost couldn't finish the movie. I actually found myself asking why her co-stars would ruin their reputations doing a movie with such a horrible lead.

Now, this isn't the first time a beautiful woman lands the lead even though she proves to be a terrible actress. In fact, that is the case with most beautiful, leading ladies out there right now. Yes, I'm talking to you Jessica Biel.

My problem, however, with Halle Berry is that she has won an Oscar. How can this be? What a joke it is to think that because a beautiful woman leaves her make-up off and messes up her hair, she is a good actress.

That year that she won her Oscar for Monster's Ball (2001), she was up against Judi Dench, Sissy Spacek, Renée Zellweger and Nicole Kidman. Come on, she shouldn't even be mentioned in the same group, let alone should she have won. I will say this, she looked amazing because, again, she is beautiful. She just isn't a great actress. I could give her "okay". She's an okay actress, but great, "no".

Another reason you know Halle Berry is not a "great" actress is that she actually went topless for the movie Swordfish. I watched it, thinking it must have been important for the movie. Not only was it not important, it is probably the most unnecessary scene I'd ever watched. So, she did it for nothing. Well, she did it for money; but if she considered herself a real actress, she wouldn't have. Not for that movie, not in that scene, not for that reason.

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