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Flight of the Conchords. This show epitomizes my sense of humor. I love this show. For anyone who hasn't seen it, the show is about two guys (Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie) from New Zealand, not Australia, but New Zealand. They're in a band, trying to get "gigs" with the help of their manager, Murray. So far, just an average comedy sitcom but what sets it apart is their music. For one, it's actually good. In fact, I just bought the cd. Secondly, it's HI-larious. The only thing I can compare it to is the music skits on SNL with Andy Samberg, much like the infamous Dick in a Box. If you haven't seen it, then I highly recommend that you rent the dvd and get caught up for next season.

The Office with Steve Carell. I've watched the British version with Ricky Gervais as well and they really are they same thing. A lot of the script is the same. The British "Tim" looks identical to "Jim" John Krasinski. It's weird. I prefer the American version because of Rainn Wilson who plays Dwight Schrute. He and Jim make the show for me, but the whole cast is really good. It is probably my second favorite comedy on right now.

Other comedies that I like, but don't love, are:

My Name is Earl
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Arrested Development is a past show that I loved. It was more of an acquired taste, I admit. You either got it or you didn't In that way, it was similar to Frasier, but Frasier was not my thing. I cannot stand Kelsey Grammar. Out of all the people who could have had a spin-off from Cheers, why him I do not know. That's just my opinion though.

Seinfeld. I'm going to go out on a limb and say this is the #1 comedy I've ever seen, with Friends as a very close second. I really did love them both.

Other comedies that I used to like were:

3rd Rock from the Sun
Married with Children
Will & Grace

Then, of course, we have skit shows like Saturday Night Live and In Living Color, both of which are/were great. So many great comedians came from both shows.

What are your favorites?

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