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I typically like movies without the predictable "happy" endings. This is especially true with love stories. I cannot stand cookie cutter, waste of time love stories where everything gets wrapped up in a nice neat bow at the end.

Bridges of Madison County directed by Clint Eastwood. This is probably my favorite love story. When she puts her hand on that handle to go, oh how you want her to. But you know that all the reasons she gives why she can't go are true. If she had left her family, the guilt would have hung over their heads like a plaque. The love between Francesca (Meryl Streep) and Robert (Clint Eastwood) would have changed.

I have been to the bridges myself, though the main bridge I believe was torn down before I got there.

"When I think of why I make pictures, the reason that I can come up with just seems that I've been making my way here. It seems right now that all I've ever done in my life is making my way here to you." -Robert Kincaid

"This kind of certainty comes but once in a lifetime." -Robert

Always, directed by Steven Spielberg. I have always loved this movie. It stars Richard Dreyfuss as a man who dies; then follows his love, Holly Hunter, as she learns to love again. It is a lesson in true love and letting go.

There's a specific scene where she's dancing to their song and his ghost is there, dancing with her. Oh man, it gets to me every time.

"I know now, that the love we hold back is the only pain that follows us here." -Pete

Cold Mountain. Jude Law plays a man determined to get back to his love, played by Nicole Kidman, no matter what he has to suffer. It is what the movie Atonement wished it was.

You can read my review of Atonement here.

Love in the Time of Cholera came close to being a great movie, but just missed the mark with the ending. You can read my full review of it here.

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