#4 best band: The Beatles  

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The Beatles. It was coming just had to get my personal favorites out of the way. The Beatles, of course, are arguably the best band ever as far as on a wide scale. They were amazing song writers who influenced many and helped lead the way for a music revolution.

Unfortunately, The Beatles broke up in 1969/70. John Lennon was then shot by Mark David Chapman (Dec. 9, 1980), making a Beatles reunion impossible. While everyone knows Mark David Chapman killed Lennon, not everyone knows why.

Chapman had been a huge Beatles fan, but was put off when John Lennon stated that the Beatles were "more popular than Jesus.". Thus his Beatles obsession conflicted with his religious obsession and Lennon ended up dead as a result. It was a sad end to something so great.

Lennon, himself, was not my favorite person. I don't necessarily respect some of the things he stood for, but I can definitely respect his impact on the music world.

That being said, I don't think The Beatles was a band made more famous because it ended. I know there's a theory that an artist becomes immortalized if they die young, but I think The Beatles and Lennon would have remained great either way, much like the Rolling Stones.

Even if you don't like the Stones, you have to give it up to them. Not only have they kept touring, but they also put out new music. Most older bands just play the old stuff, so I like that they didn't go down that road.

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