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Dexter. I realize that it has only had 2 seasons but those 2 seasons were better than most shows entire run. While other tv shows are boring all season until the finale, this show is the opposite. Every episode is like the season finale. They go the places you don't think they will, revealing things you're sure they won't; and yet you're still left guessing and wanting more. If you love thrill rides, you'll love this show.

Michael C. Hall continues to impress me. Six Feet Under was another of my favs. His characters in the two shows could not be more different and yet very much alike. I could totally see his character in Six Feet killing someone.

Lucky for me, my husband works for a company who teams with Showtime and so he gets me all kinds of Dexter freebies. Not to brag too much, but sometimes, I get the episodes before everyone else.

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