#1 best director: Alfred Hitchcock  

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Alfred Hitchcock. I honestly don't think there has been another director in history who has done as much for the film industry as Hitchcock; and I feel like other directors would agree. He was so innovative.

Psycho is one of my favorite movies and you will see it on my lists so I won't say much about it now. I will say that in my film classes, we talked a lot about Hitchcock, dissecting his movies. When you do that, it seems like every shot meant something. I found it fascinating and him to be iconic.

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Alfred Hitchcock was born a short distance from my home and his career began during the silent era.

His silent version of Blackmail had scenes added + sound added.

Here in England many cinemas closed due to not being able to afford sound equipment.

Many silent movie stars careers hit the rocks when sound came to fruition.

Greta Garbo was NOT one of those and her career grew from strength to strength.

Back to Hitch:

I recently saw The Lady Vanishes (1938) at the cinema.
It was simply wonderful.

I saw at a film society The Trouble With Harry (1955).
And that was very funny.

Of course Hitch appeared in many of his films and keep any eye out for him and that is easier said than done!


March 25, 2008 at 10:34 AM

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