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Usually I do my reviews on my other blog, RnR Reviews, but I decided they might be more fitting here.

Most recently, I went and saw Funny People with Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen, and Leslie Mann. I'm not usually an Adam Sandler fan, but my husband wanted to see G.I. Joe; and I was not about to sit in that sausage fest, so I decided to go see something else while he partook in some childhood fantasy. Honestly, timing wise, I didn't have a lot of options and thus, I was left with Funny People.

The one thing that gave me some hope going in was knowing that Judd Apatow had written it and I knew I'd liked some of his other stuff, Pineapple Express and Fun with Dick and Jane being a couple. Mind you, this was a small hope. After seeing this movie, however, I know the name Judd Apatow does not equal quality.

Talk about sausage fest, I have never heard so many references to men's junk as I did in this movie and I wish they said it that nicely. The language was just fowl and unnecessarily so. I mean some fowl language would have been fine, but this was overkill. Even James Taylor had a fowl mouth in this movie. That's crazy!

Once you get passed the language, which is hard to do, the movie didn't seem to have focus. It was like a man's idea of a heartfelt, meaningful drama and it missed the mark BIG time. I mean I shouldn't want the character to die, but I kind of did, especially toward the end. It was over two hours long and it felt like six. I don't know what the point was, but it made me question whether I should have seen G.I. Joe instead.

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