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What has happened to daytime tv? I stopped watching soaps when my son was born, but I'm re-thinking that decision when I see what my other choices are. For one thing, what is with all the court shows? We've got, People's court, Judge Judy, Joe Brown, Alex, Christine, Karen, Jeanine Pirro. Apparently they give a show to any judge who asks.

Then there's Steve Wilkos from Jerry Springer with his own show, like anyone wanted that. Tyra Banks has a show, Bonnie Hunt has one...again, who asked for this?

Tyra, you're never gonna be Oprah. Oprah got where she is because there was a time when women could relate to her, before she became one of the richest people ever to exist. You, Tyra, are a model, no one can relate to you.

As far as Bonnie Hunt goes, I'm sorry, but she is about as boring as I can imagine a person being.

So, basically, stay-at-home moms are out of luck.

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