#1 best band ever! Pearl Jam  

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Pearl Jam. This obsession started for me when Pearl Jam first came on the music scene in the early `90's. I was living outside Seattle at the time and had already been turned onto Nirvana. I had also been a fan of Mother Love Bone whose members, Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament joined Pearl Jam after their singer, Andrew Wood died of a drug overdose (God rest his soul).

When I say obsession, I mean just that. They are the begin all and end all for me. You don't want to get me started on them because I'll never shut up. I did, however, just do a post on their re-release of Ten on my blog, R-n-R Reviews.

As far as my favorite PJ songs, I'll list them seperate. Until then here's my playlist (it's a work in progress):

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Shut off my other playlist at the bottom of the page first.

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