Pearl Jam's New Song  

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Well, Pearl Jam's long awaited next album Backspacer is only a month away! Sept 20th 2009 to be precise. Mind you any length of time between albums seems long to me. They have released their first song "The Fixer" off the album and it is awesome of course.

Take a listen and don't be afraid to tell me what you think; unless it's bad, then be afraid, be very afraid.

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Song is catchy, upbeat, positive and kinda annoying to be honest. Their most optimistic single since Given To Fly in 1998 but I guess Light Years might work in 2000 as well. I've heard about half the songs on the album in various demo forms and live performances and it seems like its going to be quiet and mellow like Bob Dylan or happy and upbeat like U2. "The End" I think is the best song so far and its Eddie's influence from his solo project shining through doing a solo performance. The other 3 songs with full band that I've heard including Fixer are Got Some and part of Amongst the Waves. Speed of Sound kind of sounds like Present Tense and is a quiet one like The End. Not sure about the rest of the album but the short songs make me think they aren't looking to write an epic album like No Code/Binaural or punk rock record like Vs., but be accessible and simple as possible. Selling exclusively through Target you appeal to a mainstream crowd plus you get the action figure collector nerds too.l

August 17, 2009 at 7:55 PM

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